Talent Recruitment and Manpower Structure

Employees are deemed as the most important asset of the Company. Our policies and systems of recruitment, compensation design, performance management and training and development all aim to strengthen our growth momentum and employee performance. Locals are our priorities in terms of hiring and recruitment. We believe that prospering with employees is the only way to build vitality for sustainable developments, allowing employees to enjoy their work and unleash the potential of teamwork.

In accordance with the provisions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) of the United Nations and the Labor Standards Act, the Company does not employ child labor nor forced or compulsory workers to perform services.

Based on the basic human rights of equal employment opportunity, employees are recruited based on their professional competence and suitability. They are not treated differently based on race, ideology, religion, political affiliation, nationality, gender, marital status or disability. We also comply with relevant laws and recruit disabled employees where arrangements are made based on their abilities. There were no significant changes in the Company's operation in 2022. We would notify employees of significant operational changes 10 to 30 days in advance based on the seniority of employees in accordance with Article 16 of the Labor Standards Act.