Talent Recruitment and Manpower Structure

Talent Recruitment and Human Structure

In CWTC, our employees are one of the most important assets. In terms of policies and systems such as recruitment, salary design, performance management and training development, we will consider one’s potential who can help to strengthen the company’s growth momentum and can maintain his or her work efficiency. Besides that, CWTC always considers hiring the citizens as the priority qualification because we believe that only by working with the citizens can help our employees to achieve the vitality of the company’s sustainable development.

Moreover, CWTC does not employ child labor to perform work in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations International Labor Organization and the Labor Standards Law. CWTC also will not force or coerce any unwilling individual to perform any services.

Based on the basic human rights of equal employment opportunities for nationals, when hiring employees, we will only consider one’s professional ability as well as his or her aptitude. Other factors such as race, ideology, religion, party affiliation, nationality, gender, marriage, physical and mental disabilities will not affect employment. Besides that, CWTC abides by relevant laws and regulations to employ people with disabilities and arrange competent work according to their abilities.

Area(unit:person) 2020 2021
Number of Employees Sales Personnel 49 37
Management Staff 145 146
Research and Development Staff 118 213
Production Staff 1,615 1,670
Total 1,927 2,066
Female supervisor 250 (37%) 264 (37%)
Female manager level 23 (26%) 23 (27%)
Disable employees 9 11
Average Age 36 40
Average Years of Service 9 9
Education Ph.D. - -
Masters 2% 2%
Bachelor’s Degree 27% 31%
Senior High School (and Below) 71% 67%