Employee Welfare Plan

The Company attaches great importance to employee compensation and benefits, and provides protections above the regulatory requirements. Employee salaries are not determined based on gender. Our employee benefits include base salary, allowances, bonuses, pensions and insurances. We design compensation packages based on education, work experience and market surveys for them to stay competitive, and consider the Company's overall operation, individual performance, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and government policies for salary adjustments. There are two performance evaluations every year and we recognize, award and motivate employees with outstanding performance through effective incentive programs. In 2022, except for new hires, the percentage of employees who underwent performance evaluation was 100%. Employee career development review is conducted at the end of each year in our Taiwan plants with a coverage rate of 100%.

We expected our employees to unleash their maximum potential under a fair compensation and performance evaluation system in 2022.

Employee benefit expenses amounted to NT$1,775,461 thousand in 2022, up 5% from the previous year.

Comparison of the Number of Full-time Non-managerial Employees and Their Average Salaries

Item/Year 2021 2020 Compared
Number of employees 731 195 275%
Average salary 757 thousand dollars 681 thousand dollars 11%
Median salary 622 thousand dollars 616 thousand dollars 1%

Note :The number of employees in this table excludes managers of the Company. The term “manager” is as defined in the Official Letter No. Taiwan-Finance-Securities-III-920001301 issued by the competent authority on March 27, 2003. It is consistent with the scope of managers disclosed in the Company's annual report.


In addition, we provide special leave, half-pay sick leave, personal leave, marital leave, injury leave, and family care leave by law. In order to build a harmonious workplace with equality, female employees are entitled to menstrual leave, prenatal appointment leave and maternity leave while married employees are entitled to paternity leave. Employees with family needs can apply for parental leave and leave without pay and be reinstated afterwards.

The Company has organized labor-management meetings by law and they are to be held at least once every quarter. Besides labor issues submitted by different units in accordance with the law, the meeting also appoints representatives from both parties to solicit employee proposals. Through these meetings, opinions of both the management and workers are fully communicated and negotiated. There were no labor disputes in 2022.


We have established the Employee Welfare Committee in accordance with local laws and regulations and allocated welfare funds accordingly. Each site has instructed relevant units to plan and implement welfare policies set out below:

Employee Insurance In addition to labor, health and pension insurances pursuant to local laws and regulations, employees are covered by group insurance.
Employee bonuses In accordance with the Company's Articles of Incorporation, employee bonus shall be 1% of the Company’s profit for the year.
Employee compensation plan In line with our corporate planning, employees are entitled to shares reserved from cash capital increase for employee stock purchase plans, transfer of treasury shares to employees, employee stock options and restricted shares.
In 2021, the Company transferred 1,053 thousand treasury shares to employees.
In 2022, the Company issued 5,925 thousand new restricted shares.
Employee Benefit Plans In order to enhance welfare, motivate employees to engage in
financial planning, and strengthen employee engagement, thereby delivering win-win solutions for management and employees, we initiated employee share ownership trust in 2020, allowing employees to own shares of the Group.
The Company matches 100% of employee contributions. Employees are entitled to receive annual dividends and full redemption of shares after five years. 
To encourage the use of electric motorcycles, we provided a subsidy of NT$30,000 per motorcycle for a total of 150 motorcycles in response to energy conservation and carbon reduction in 2022.
Group activities Company trips, department gathering, and fun challenges are organized regularly.
Gifts Cash gifts for birthdays and major festivals, and subsidies for weddings, funerals, etc.
Employee health check We arrange annual health check-ups for employees.