Vision and Mission

  1. Quality Assurance
    • To meet or exceed customer expectation
    • To achieve customer’s request on quality and delivery
    • Extraordinary service and craftsmanship
  2. Three cultures: Human is fundamental, integrity, innovation
    • Human is fundamental

      To provide employees safe, friendly and fair working environment. Focus on working environment safty, continue to develop talented employee, offer complete promotional map and build highly developing stage.

    • Integrity

      Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise sustainable operation.

    • Innovation

      Innovation is the source of grow, continue to create and improve our product to satisfy customer’s expectation.

  3. To fulfill the responsibility of the enterprise operator
    • Share holder: Throughout efficiency management, sustainability to pursuit the maximization of the interest.
    • Customer: To segment our market with skills, quality, delivery and production cost and become a highly competitive enterprise.
    • Employees: to create decent working environment, clearly specify the job and responsibility.
    • Government: follow all regulation and law principal.