Pollution Prevention

The responsibility of the waste management officer in CWTC is to manage the waste disposal by dividing into three different categories including “general industrial waste”, “hazardous industrial wastes”, and “resource recovery”. Then, follow the waste classification guideline and the storage principle as well as entrust legal waste removal treatment. Since some waste has the value of recycling and reuse, we delegate legal institutions to reprocess the products to eliminate pollutants and waste. By doing so, we can reduce the costs of production and protect the environment.

CWTC upholds the concept of "giving back to the society", and deeply understands "the limited natural resources" and "the importance of environmental protection". As a result, we promise to protect the environment in all aspects of business operations, products, and services.

  1. We use raw materials and clean the production chain to reduce pollution and the impact of product supply to the environment.
  2. We comply with relevant environmental protection laws and regulations and other environmental responsibilities that the subsidiary companies should follow as well.
  3. Through environmental goal setting, regular audits, and management reviews, CWTC improves continuously and enhance the environmental performance.
  4. CWTC adopts the risk control technology to reduce the risk of harm to stakeholders effectively and continuously strengthen the interactive relationship with contractors, suppliers, etc.
  5. CWTC is able to protect natural resources through effective use and waste reduction programs.
  6. We reduce and prevent the impact of harmful substances, wastewater, and exhaust gas on the environment to protect employees and the environment.
  7. We raise the product quality to reduce the waste volume.