Pollution Prevention

With the philosophy of “contributing to the community” and recognizing “the concept of limited resources on the earth” and “the importance of environmental protection”, CWTC is committed to environmental protection in all aspects including business operations, products and services.

  1. Adopt low-pollution raw materials and clean production, commit to environmental protection and reduce the environmental impact of our product supply chain.
  2. Comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations and fulfill the environmental responsibilities of entities within the CWTC Group.
  3. Continuously improve and enhance environmental performance through environmental target setting, regular audits and management reviews.
  4. Adopt appropriate risk control techniques to effectively reduce the risk of hazards to stakeholders, and continuously strengthen relationships with contractors and suppliers.
  5. Protect natural resources through efficient use and waste reduction programs.
  6. Reduce and prevent the environmental impact of harmful substances in order to protect our employees and the environment.
  7. Improve production quality to reduce waste.

Waste management

Waste generated by the Company can be classified into three categories: “general industrial waste”, “hazardous industrial waste” and “waste for reuse”. Besides waste sorting, the Company reports, sorts and stores all types of waste in compliance with local regulations and engages qualified vendors to assist in the removal, disposal and recycling of waste. We ensure our waste is properly handled through regular vendor reviews and audits.

In 2022, the volume of waste generated and reused went up slightly due to the increase in production capacity. However, their percentage weightings were similar to those in 2021, demonstrating our thorough implementation of waste sorting management. The reuse volume of Taiwan plants was higher than others mainly because the waste etching solution from the etching process was recycled by suppliers to be put back into the process, which not only improved the reuse rate of waste but also promoted circular economy. In addition, our Taiwan plant received the Outstanding Enterprise Award for Recycling in 2021. We will continue to set source reduction and recycling as our management goals, aiming to lower our operating costs and environmental impact
through waste reduction.

Case of Circular Economy-Recycling of precious metal including silver, gold and palladium from waste produced during the manufacturing process

For a sustainable environment, CWTC has introduced precious metal recycling techniques and set up in-house treatment systems to reduce waste emissions. Our key recycling techniques are set out below:

Through packaging material reduction, incentive schemes for packaging material recycling and promotion on the use of environmentally friendly as well as reusable materials, our volume of general industrial waste drops every year. Thus, even with a 13% year-over-year revenue growth in 2022, there was no significant increase in the volume of general waste. We therefore set the target of another 5% decrease in the next 3 to 5 years.