Water Resource Management

CWTC is located in the Nanzi Processing Zone. Water that CWTC uses is entirely from the Taiwan Water Supply company so it will not affect the head-water point. Because of the limited water resources we have in Taiwan, the company implements water resource recovery facilities that pass the cooling tower wastewater through the filtration system to improve water efficiency as well as to reduce water consumption.

Furthermore, the water that the overseas plants use comes directly from the local water company. In line with water saving and recycling policy, the Suzhou plant prioritized the installation of a reclaimed water system that can recycle and reuse the production water with a certain water quality in the production line. The system is mainly for processes that require large water consumption such as washing and electroplating. By recovering secondary water and then processing it, the overall internal water cycle of the company can reach a certain standard, thereby reducing the supply of raw water and achieving the goal of water conservation. In view of the water-saving benefits that has brought to the Suzhou plant, we are currently planning to install the reclaimed water system in each plant.