Talent Recruitment and Human Structure

In CWTC, our employees are one of the most important assets. In terms of policies and systems such as recruitment, salary design, performance management and training development, we will consider one’s potential who can help to strengthen the company’s growth momentum and can maintain his or her work efficiency. Besides that, CWTC always considers hiring the citizens as the priority qualification because we believe that only by working with the citizens can help our employees to achieve the vitality of the company’s sustainable development.

Moreover, CWTC does not employ child labor to perform work in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations International Labor Organization and the Labor Standards Law. CWTC also will not force or coerce any unwilling individual to perform any services.

Based on the basic human rights of equal employment opportunities for nationals, when hiring employees, we will only consider one’s professional ability as well as his or her aptitude. Other factors such as race, ideology, religion, party affiliation, nationality, gender, marriage, physical and mental disabilities will not affect employment. Besides that, CWTC abides by relevant laws and regulations to employ people with disabilities and arrange competent work according to their abilities.

Area(unit:person) 2020 2021
Number of Employees Sales Personnel 49 37
Management Staff 145 146
Research and Development Staff 118 213
Production Staff 1,615 1,670
Total 1,927 2,066
Female supervisor 250 (37%) 264 (37%)
Female manager level 23 (26%) 23 (27%)
Disable employees 9 11
Average Age 36 40
Average Years of Service 9 9
Education Ph.D. - -
Masters 2% 2%
Bachelor’s Degree 27% 31%
Senior High School (and Below) 71% 67%


Education and Training System

Cultivating the right work attitudes and behavior can help the company to achieve the business goal more efficiently by enhancing the work knowledge and skill of our colleagues. The training courses we offer include newcomer education training and on-the-job training which helps them to have a better understanding about the working environment in CWTC as well as their responsibilities. Besides that, CWTC will conduct the evaluation of the courses. 

Newcomer education and training: departmental internal training and basic skills training.

On-the-job training: including departmental internal training, quality system, industrial safety and environmental safety, internal audit and internal control, production management and administrative management. 

Manpower training: this training is regarded as a long-term investment by the company for employees. Besides the various on-job-training we provide for the employees, CWTC also offers the opportunities for foreign country inspections, visiting famous domestic companies, attending various meetings, work rotations, etc. 

The statistics of relevant training courses in 2021 are as follows:



Employee Welfare Plan

One of the primary things that CWTC takes into consideration is the treatment and welfare of employees. To comply with the laws and regulations, the salary of each employee will not be different due to gender. Our employees' benefits include salary, allowances, bonuses, retirement funds, and insurance. Besides that, we create a standard of salary to satisfy the local price level according to the academic qualifications, experience, and the comparison with market salary survey results. 

The company’s overall operations, personal performance, consumer price index and government policies are the criteria that we take into consideration for salary transformation. 

The performance appraisal is conducted twice a year. CWTC will use the results as a guideline to affirm, reward and motivate the outstanding performance of employees. Under a fair salary and performance appraisal system, our employees are able to maximize their work potential. 

In 2021, employee benefit expenses are TWD 1,691,299 thousand dollars which is an increase of 30% over the previous year.

Comparison of the number of full-time employees who are not in supervisory positions and their average salary in 2021 with the previous year.

Item/Year 2021 2020 Compared
Number of employees 195 159 23%
Average salary 681 thousand dollars 568 thousand dollars 20%
Median salary 616 thousand dollars 503 thousand dollars 22%

Note :The number of employees in this table does not include company managers. The definition of manager is based on the applicable scope of "manager" stipulated by the competent authority's 3/27/2004 Taiwan Caizheng Sanzi Letter No. 920001301. It is consistent with the scope of managers disclosed in the company's annual report.


In addition, special leaves, half-paid sick leave, personal leave, marriage leaves, injury leave and family care leave are provided in accordance with the law. In a harmonious and fair working environment, females are entitled to menstrual leave, maternity leave and childbirth leave, and colleagues with spouses are entitled to paternity leave. If colleagues have family needs, they can also apply for parental leave and leave without pay and apply for reinstatement after the period expires. 

The company has established labor-management meetings in accordance with the law, and meetings are held regularly at least quarterly. The association is also appointed representatives of both parties apto solicit employee proposals except the labor-management matters submitting for the plans by various units in accordance with the law. Through this meeting, the opinions of both parties were fully communicated and negotiated. In 2021, there was no labor dispute.

CWTC establishes an employee welfare committee in accordance with local laws and regulations, and provides welfare funds in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Each factory also instructs relevant units to plan and implement the following welfare policies:

Employee Insurance In addition to complying with local laws and regulations, employees enjoy labor, health insurance and retirement pension insurance; they also enjoy group insurance.
Employee bonuses According to the company's articles of association, the company distributes employee dividends at 1% of the current year's profit.
Employee compensation plan With the company planning, employees enjoy a cash capital increase subscribed to retain employees, the transfer of treasury shares employees, employee stock options and restricted stock of equity.
In 2021, employees handling the transfer of treasury shares totaled 1,053,000 shares.
Employee Benefit Plans In order to enhance internal welfare, reward employees for their financial planning, and increase employees' sense of participation in the company, and to achieve win-win benefits for both employers and employees, the company started the employee stock ownership trust business in 2020.
The Company contributes 100% of the company's public funds based on the employees' contributions; the employees can receive annual dividends and all the shares after five years.
Group activities Regular staff trips, departmental dinners, fun competitions and other activities, and funding to encourage employees to participate.
Gifts Such as birthday gifts, bonuses for the three festivals, etc. We also provide subsidies to our employees for weddings, funerals, etc.
Employee health check Regular physical health checkups for employees are held every year.


Occupational Safety and Health 

In order to solve the practical problems of occupational safety and health in CWTC, the safety and health management committee is set up in accordance with the “Occupational Safety and Health Management Measure”. 

The structure of the safety and health management committee is as followed:

The chairman of the committee is assumed by the general manager of each plant. The remaining members including labor representatives should have at least one-third of the total employees. Meetings will be held regularly based on the local goverember requirement. 

The relevant duties of the committee are as followed:

1. Responsible for reviewing occupational safety and health policies
2. Responsible for reviewing occupational safety and health management plan
3. Responsible for reviewing the implementation plan of safety and health education  and training. 
4. Responsible for reviewing the work environment monitoring plan, monitoring results, and adopting measures.
5. Responsible for reviewing health management, occupational disease prevention and health promotion matters. 
6. Responsible for reviewing various safety and health proposals.
7. Responsible for reviewing automatic inspections as well as the safety and health audit of public institutions. 
8. Responsible for reviewing preventive measures against machinery, equipment, raw materials, and material hazards.
9. Responsible for reviewing occupational disaster investigation reports.
10. Responsible for assessing the performance of on-site safety and health management.
11.Responsible for reviewing the safety and health management of the contracted business.
12. Responsible for other relevant occupational safety and health management matters.

The company's factories conduct regular inspections of the operating environment in accordance with relevant regulations to eliminate and improve unsafe conditions, and potential hazards to ensure the safety and health of employees. The company provides regular annual health check-ups for the health of colleagues, such as general health check-ups and supervisor health check-ups. This helps to protect and grasp the health status of employees, and perform hierarchical management based on the results of their health check-ups to track and treat employees in a timely manner to prevent occupational diseases.

Occupational Disaster Statistics in 2021

Disaster drills and emergency response