Energy Resource Management

In response to the crucial environmental issues such as global energy crisis and the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, CWTC strives to promote the evaluation of production line machines. By doing so, we hope it can help to reduce the consumption of energy resources as well as to discuss and improve the energy efficiency of the factory’s utility system. Each year, we will set energy saving goals and implementation plans by integrating the proposals for the measurement of energy saving, tracking the result process regularly and controlling the implementation results.

In line with the government encouragement of renewable energy use, we have installed additional solar panels with a capacity of approximately 98 kWp in the Kaohsiung plant in 2020, which helps CWTC to fulfil its responsibility as a global citizen and a corporation.


First category

Direct green house gas emissions

*Mainly come from generators, refrigerator, air conditioners, vehicles, stackers, etc.
*Gas emissions count for approximately 8%
*Main gases are CO2、CH4、HFCs The target reduction in 2021 is 5%.

Second category

Indirect green house gas emissions

*Mainly come from outsourced power
*Gas emissions count for approximately 92%
*The target intensity of greenhouse gas energy in 2021 is to increase by 5%.

Third category

Other indirect green house gas emissions

*Mainly come from outsourcing transpiration, employee commuting, waste disposal, etc.
*Our current goal for this category is to run the investigation regulary.