Education and Training System

Education and Training System

Cultivating the right work attitudes and behavior can help the company to achieve the business goal more efficiently by enhancing the work knowledge and skill of our colleagues. The training courses we offer include newcomer education training and on-the-job training which helps them to have a better understanding about the working environment in CWTC as well as their responsibilities. Besides that, CWTC will conduct the evaluation of the courses. 

Newcomer education and training: departmental internal training and basic skills training.

On-the-job training: including departmental internal training, quality system, industrial safety and environmental safety, internal audit and internal control, production management and administrative management. 

Manpower training: this training is regarded as a long-term investment by the company for employees. Besides the various on-job-training we provide for the employees, CWTC also offers the opportunities for foreign country inspections, visiting famous domestic companies, attending various meetings, work rotations, etc. 

The statistics of relevant training courses in 2021 are as follows: