Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health 

In order to solve the practical problems of occupational safety and health in CWTC, the safety and health management committee is set up in accordance with the “Occupational Safety and Health Management Measure”. 

The structure of the safety and health management committee is as followed:

The chairman of the committee is assumed by the general manager of each plant. The remaining members including labor representatives should have at least one-third of the total employees. Meetings will be held regularly based on the local goverember requirement. 

The relevant duties of the committee are as followed:

1. Responsible for reviewing occupational safety and health policies
2. Responsible for reviewing occupational safety and health management plan
3. Responsible for reviewing the implementation plan of safety and health education  and training. 
4. Responsible for reviewing the work environment monitoring plan, monitoring results, and adopting measures.
5. Responsible for reviewing health management, occupational disease prevention and health promotion matters. 
6. Responsible for reviewing various safety and health proposals.
7. Responsible for reviewing automatic inspections as well as the safety and health audit of public institutions. 
8. Responsible for reviewing preventive measures against machinery, equipment, raw materials, and material hazards.
9. Responsible for reviewing occupational disaster investigation reports.
10. Responsible for assessing the performance of on-site safety and health management.
11.Responsible for reviewing the safety and health management of the contracted business.
12. Responsible for other relevant occupational safety and health management matters.

The company's factories conduct regular inspections of the operating environment in accordance with relevant regulations to eliminate and improve unsafe conditions, and potential hazards to ensure the safety and health of employees. The company provides regular annual health check-ups for the health of colleagues, such as general health check-ups and supervisor health check-ups. This helps to protect and grasp the health status of employees, and perform hierarchical management based on the results of their health check-ups to track and treat employees in a timely manner to prevent occupational diseases. In 2021, there were no confirmed cases of occupational diseases in each factory.

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