Communication Channels with Stakeholder

Interested Party

Communication Channel


  1. Proposing ideas for improving the reward and recognition policy: Our employees can provide suggestions they have at any time. After the proposal is adopted, a bonus will be issued to the employee.
  2. Suggestion mailbox and complaint hotline for employeesThis system offers our employees a channel to submit suggestions, comments, and complaints anonymously. After receiving it, we will have people to process the file immediately.
  3. Labor-management meeting and welfare committee meetingMake suggestions and negotiate with the company.
  4. Personnel Review CommitteeConduct a performance appraisal and review promotion lists twice a year, as well as hold non-scheduled review meetings for reward and punishment lists.


  1. Track and discuss product quality and manufacturing process from time to time and provide technical support.
  2. Communicate the orders and delivery dates with our clients.
  3. Conduct annual customer interviews and audits to communicate product quality, new product development and the company’s future development.


  1. Supplier audits and interviews
  2. Factory surveys for our equipment suppliers
  3. Interview/ telephone communication/ email contact
  4. Construction safety commitment
  5. Supplier evaluation form


  1. Investor section on CWTC official site
  2. Annual general meeting
  3. Announce financial reports regularly

Non-profit organization (government/ society)

  1. Comply with relevant laws and regulations of all level agencies
  2. Exchange of official documents
  3. Irregular corporate briefing